Frequently Asked Questions

What is ? is free and unique website for Traders and Investors in Indian Stock Market (NSE & BSE) which is designed and developed by group of traders and technical experts. You can screen stocks for most popular Technical Indicators and Candlestick Patterns. You can build and save your Custom Screening Parameters.

Is service free ?
Yes service is completely free.

Do you provide Investment and Trading Advisory services ?
No. don’t provide any Investment or Advisory services.

Is your data reliable?
Yes it is reliable. When EOD data is updated to our site we mention last updated date and time in our web site.

How do I start Scanning?
There are few predefined scans which are most commonly used by traders and investors, you can use these scans as these are most common scans. If you want to create your own scan go to Custom Screener page, select parameters and press Scan. You can also save your filter by pressing Save Filter button. You can use this filter going ahead.

Can I scan stocks on intraday price ?
No we don’t provide scan on intraday price.

Can I export your data to another Excel Sheet ?
No we don’t provide any export functionality, If you are interested in this functionality please give us a request by filling this form, we will consider this in our future release.

Do you provide scanning for Futures, Options and Commodities ?
No we don’t provide scans for Futures and Options and Commodities. If you need these scans, please fill up the form we will consider your request and add in next coming days.

Do you provide EOD Scan Reports through Email ?
Yes we provide EOD scan reports, you can set this option when filter is saved.

If you provide your service for free then how do you make revenue ?
We will generate our revenue through advertisement in our site, so we have kept our service free.

I am impressed by your site, how can I help you ?
If you are impressed by our service, the best thing you can do is to tell your friends to use our website.